I once asked myself why can’t we have one church with all the rest as branches, and not different churches all striving to preach the same undiluted gospel, or should I say diluted a bit by some others..Hmmmnn, My people with this I welcome you back, it’s been some long 2 months. I tell you I’ve missed this, but time as usual has not been on my side, I take it this meets you well and that you’ve missed me as much as I, you.

Let’s get straight to it.

There has been a whole going on lately, asides from the fact that Nigeria needs prayers, and i am sure we all agree, there a deep hole that is widening in the body of Christ. I daresay we are not as we were meant to be, no wonder we are struggling to do great works, talk less of greater works or greater woks than this!.
Hmmn, let me start from here; Scripture says in Jeremiah 32:39
I will give them one heart and one way, so that they will always fear Me for their own good and for the good of their children after them.
Acts 2:44
All the believers were together and had everything in common.

Let us follow as the Holy Spirit himself interprets these two scriptures;
When the heart and soul is in sync, then the body will automatically fall in line, with actions and thoughts aligning too okay, so the thing is, we all have begun to tear apart little by little what Christ stood for; one united body in love, growing together, conquering lands and having souls won to the kingdom of God. Rather every piece of the body is scattered abroad striving to be better than the other. We have ordained ourselves Honorable Justice Brethren, her honor Judge Sistren who go about establishing judgments based on heresies, laying hold on claims that cannot be traced to the bible.

If a part of the body decides to go rogue, say the eye, this alone is enough to affect the efficiency of every other part of the body and before we know it they can also floe suit and do same, and then the whole body probably shuts down. Follow me closely, now these brethren in church with their wrong perspectives of the scripture and the false doctrines they so firmly hold on to, begin to permeate the body and corrupt other parts until gradually they spread, I pray the gates of hell shall not prevail in Jesus name.
First if we are together not literally, but in our deeds we are striving with common goals, meeting each other’s need, just ensuring that the body of Christ is not lacking in any aspect, then we will be able to do the work that the Father sent easily because as soon as this starts we will be able to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses and most especially stand in for one another in prayers and supplication so that the devil does not use that to permeate the church. We would not sit and begin to act God, making the other feel less privileged or quite lacking in some respect, we would not begin to spread lies about a church just so that we can look good in the sight of unbelievers (that we are meant to preach to).
We have begun to set our own standards that if any other fellow believer does not follow, then the person is seen as backslidden, then the person ain’t cool anymore, the person is no more a Jesus gang, or Jesus babe, nooo, have you forgotten that the Bible has, is and still remains the only route, passage, the only answer to any question that can arise in our journey as Christians.

I say let us go back to the scriptures, trace it back to Hebrews, back to Romans, back to Genesis, the very beginning among others, they we will see that brethren Judge in Choir or her honor Sistren in the Prayer team need to take a lunge into the deep of God’s Word, the undivided truth, ever living and abiding gospel of our Lord.. and yeah You are still cool, irrespective, because the Bible says so.

Take it up today, dust it and dig in, sup with the father, he misses you, you know.

Reflect, CHEERS 🥂


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