Flooding the streets of youthful age,
Breasts, daily, on free display,
On being let loose from Mama’s cage,
All day to stay nude to play,

In my feeble heart I think,
How, without stress, treasures are found,
Precious deposit of Yahweh, fed on, all within a blink,
That which is to be hidden, freely shown, everywhere abound,

How careless thou hath!
Daughter of woe, defiled virgin,
The hungry eyes of many has explored your body like a designed work of art,
Shameless beauty! Why did you forget in a hurry, your origin?

Kudos Angelina! “Slay mama”, mother of nudity,
Do well to prosper in your ministry, the ministry of going “braless”,
Foolish you! When will you grow wise enough to know you loose validity?
Your dignity fades away, the world tags you mannerless,

That you flaunt your hips and thighs in tightly skimpy wears,
Tells to the world, how ironically decent you are,
Rather than kill, you increase daily fears,
Fears of, your destiny will you purposely mar?

Sold out to ignorant peer pressure,
Come off it! Seek help! Your wound to heal and bind,
Decency you would enjoy in no small measure,
Preserve those balls, spare, spare, please spare innocent mind!




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