November 12, 2019
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Rather than deep fry, let's bake, simple and easy. What you need: Plantain (ripe/unripe) Olive/Vegetable Oil Salt Peel the plantain offend offend bark and slice with a knife or grater On a foil wrapper or thin nylon, arrange the slices and spray with olive oil Bake for 20mins Add salt and shake it up Tips: If you please, you can rather add salt before arranging and baking. Enjoy your...
I know you might be a little surprised this even exists, but yes, it does, and it really is delicious. Miyan taushe is a savory pumpkin dish, native to the Hausa and  Fulani tribes of the Northern Nigeria, and actually not so popular in other places. It is usually served with Rice Masa or Tuwo Shinkafa. Ingredients • 1 small sized Pumpkin • 1/2cup of...
Who else like me loves Igbo delicacies, their soups are always exquisite,complete if you know what I mean Well well, the ingredients needed are: Palm nut Ata rodo/scotch bonnet Dry Bitter leaves (Ewuro) Fresh shrimps Dry red shrimps Fresh pomo/nicely chopped meat Periwnkles Fresh fish (as desired) Stockfish/smoked fish Banga spices (already blended into Powdery form) Maggi and Salt How To 1....
An earthy locally flavoured coconut rice signature to the Efik people. High notes of smokey flavour from the crayfish, smoked fish and the likes, in combination with the sweet creamy taste of Coconut milk INGREDIENTS 1. Goat Meat/Beef 2. Chopped onions 3. Dry pepper (At a gigun) 4. 2 cans of Coconut milk (depending on how much rice you are cooking) 5. 3 cups of rice...

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