November 12, 2019
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The Blind Orphan
Slowly he walked,a walk like a crawl Rough and dirty, no direction as of a ball A song he sang,with words and tears The story of his life he told with fears An orphan he became at ten Out of school he dropped unable to learn Life became more miserable as hell was let loose His sight he lost,no one to help choose To the streets he...
In sheer woe I lament, How in simple assent, Depression creeps in like serpent, And the soul it makes its home as a garment, Confusing! Killing! Devil's agent, Kudos! You invaded our land again in times, recent, With you, you took Richard in addition to Vincent, Your wings have grown, no respect for the decent, Sarah is not your prey, she belongs to the ancient, Ancient of days,...
Flooding the streets of youthful age, Breasts, daily, on free display, On being let loose from Mama's cage, All day to stay nude to play, In my feeble heart I think, How, without stress, treasures are found, Precious deposit of Yahweh, fed on, all within a blink, That which is to be hidden, freely shown, everywhere abound, How careless thou hath! Daughter of woe, defiled virgin, The hungry eyes...
Have you not met them? Able boys with able God, Dressed in black and blue and green like a war-god, Bellies like pots more like a palm wine gourd, Have you not seen them? Men of standard and integrity, With their guns and language, you know their identity, From twenty to fifty, for naira they trade dignity, Have you not heard them? Fathers of wives with daughters ready...

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Hi there, my name is Toluwabori. This is a way of sharing my thoughts about amazing things in life, this log encapsulates a whole lot about different things, join me as we explore.

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