Who else like me loves Igbo delicacies, their soups are always exquisite,complete if you know what I mean

Well well, the ingredients needed are:

  • Palm nut
  • Ata rodo/scotch bonnet
  • Dry Bitter leaves (Ewuro)
  • Fresh shrimps
  • Dry red shrimps
  • Fresh pomo/nicely chopped meat
  • Periwnkles
  • Fresh fish (as desired)
  • Stockfish/smoked fish
  • Banga spices (already blended into Powdery form)
  • Maggi and Salt

How To

1. To extract the palm fruit, from its nut. Boil the palm fruits, till they are soft, and then pound in a mortar, to extract the juice. Then you add hot water, squeeze the chaff to extract more liquid and then displace the chaff. But if you got the canned one, mix it with hot water to water it down a bit.

2. Then you boil the juice and add the stockfish and dry red shrimps till they soften and taste like the palm extract.

3. Add fresh pepper (in desired quantity) and let this boil.

4. Add the banga spices gently with a tablespoon 2/3 tablespoonfuls for a medium sized pot,of its top much it tastes bitter, so use it sparingly.

5. Stir and bring to a boil, check to see if you can smell and also taste the spices in the palm fruit extract now, then add the maggi cubes and salt.The palm fruit extract thickens after the spices, if not, the you must have added too much hot water from the scratch.

6. Once it has thickened a bit, add the fresh fish, fresh pomo/chopped meat, the fresh prawns and periwinkles in their shell.Then immediately lower the heat and cover the pot, so as hot to lose the originality of the fresh fish.

7. After the fish has cooked, then add the dried bitter leaf. You could also have it blended till it is powdery, sprinkle into the soup. Like a tablespoon or little more, so as to have that little bitter-sweet taste.

8. Still on low heat, leave the soup to cook until oil starts to float to the surface. Dish your Banga soup and serve hot.

▪For me I think Banga Soup goes best with eba, the Yellow kind (winks)



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