I’m super excited to bring you another tantalising plantain recipe. One would think we could only fry, roast and boil plantain(ripe or unripe) but I tell you, you have no idea of what you’re in for. If you noticed the recipes (Telande’s) do not need any seasoning cubes just natural spices. Enjoy!

Ingredients needed:

• Ripe plantain
• Chilli powder
• Ginger (powdered)
• Cloves(powdered)
• Nutmeg(powdered)
• Rosemary(powdered)
• Salt
• Roasted corn(powdered)
• Vegetable Oil

Let’s dig

1. Peel the ripe plantain off its skin and slice or chop into a bowl
2. Use a squashed or anything that pounds to press the plantain into paste
3. Add all powders except the roasted corn meal and a little salt
4. Then stir and add the roasted corn meal
5. Now scoop and fry in the oil till it turns brownish
6. Drain and enjoy with ground nut or toothpick (lol)
Just sit back and pop kaklo into your mouth, scrumptious and quite filling.

Cheers fam🥂

Credit: telandeworld


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