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Hi fellow foodies, how are we doing, hope our recipe experiments are going okay, as in topnotch👌
Okayy, so I stumbled upon another food page and I found another lover after Telande, it’s Diary of a food lover!.
Enjoy this twist to your fried rice, and don’t waste that meat/chicken😉.

To prepare this meal, you need:
• White rice 2cups or more
• 1 cup of Olive/Vegetable Oil
• Mixed veggies comprising sweet corn, carrots, green peas, spring onions
• 3 or more handful of minced meat (diced into bits)
• Seasoning Powder of choice
• Dry Ingredients: Garlic powder, Onion powder, Pepper powder, Curry, Thyme, Onion(you can also use blended onions😉).

How to:
1. Pre-cook rice within 20-30 mins as per type of rice.
2. Pour V.oil/Olive Oil and onions
3. Stir for a while then add minced meat
4. Stir fry for some minutes
5. Then add the mixed veggies
6. Next is to add dry ingredients
[ ] Onion powder
[ ] Peepers powder
[ ] Curry powder
[ ] Thyme
7. Stir all under low heat for some minutes and add the seasoning powder.
8. Pour the already cooked rice and stir very well.
9. Finally add spring onions and stir all over again till all is throughly mixed together

Well, well, enjoy your meal, remember you can garnish with plantain like in the picture above (you all know by now that I’m a plantain foodie😜)

Enjoy this Festive Food🥂

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It’s Christmas in 2 days and this must be on your menu mehhhhhn 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Minced Meat Fried Rice 😍😍😍😀 . Ingredients • White rice-2 cups • Olive oil-1 cup • Mixed veggies-carrots, sweet corn, green peas, spring onions • Mince meat-3 handful • Seasoning powder-2tsp • Garlic powder-1tbsp • Onion powder-1 tsp • Pepper powder-1 tsp • Curry-1tsp • Thyme-1 tsp • Onions 1 bulb Who’s trying this? 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#foodphotography #diaryofakitchenlover #kitchenqueen #foodie #foodblogger #naijafood #foodphotography #naijabreakfast #kitchenhacks #onlyinnigeria #africanfoods #kitchenlover #cookingtips #lagosstreetfood #nigeriansabroad #foodstylist #nigerianbreakfast #foodblogging #ingredients #kitchendiaries #nigerianfoodblogger#cnnfood #nigeriandelicacies #nigerianfood #recipecreator #foodplatting #foodblogger #mincedmeatrice #mincedmeatfriedrice

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