My people, it has been a long long time, i am so sorry I’ve been away, I was busy obeying the Clarion’s call, whatever that
So this is me saying welcome back, I really missed you all.

I wish to share something in today’s post, follow closely and drop your views, experiences and comments, be blessed. I know you will have your views, I mean how can burnt wood look like that, some of you may not even know that the image above portrays burnt wood, it looks like a painting right?? I know(smiles), in my heart I have questions like; can gold be found in clay?, can milk come out of a tree instead of latex?, but do you know that those things can actually happen?.. still following me?

There’s a popular saying that “every cloud has a silver lining”; meaning in any discomfting situation there is still hope even though it may not be immediately apparent, so you’re either hopeful or not. Many times we often realize too late and lose out when we just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel or we were too blind to notice it.

We encounter difficulties and we give up already, even before it started, then on the other hand someone else goes through the same thing and they were able to break forth. I understand that we are not to blame, as many things can be responsible for this trend in our lives, it could be that;
• It has been a recurrence in your family, therefore nobody dares hope for any better in their lives
• You just are not patient enough to wait for the light to come through, even though it later will
• You’ve surrounded your self with pessimists and never-do-wells and you’ve begun to think and act the way they do
• You have tried several times already

Mehnnn, you’re cutting yourself short, why not take that family tradition to God on your knees in prayer and break the pattern finally, why not try to relax a bit, stay calm and collected even when the clay refuses to unstuck, why not open up and embrace new friends, ones with the ever positive mindsets and achiever mentalities, make “I can, I will, I shall” be your motto, why not keep trying nd trying over and over again, afterall there is no harm in trying.

Albert Einstein Quotes: “I have tried 99 times and have failed, but on the 100th time came success.”

You can see that, the 100th time did it and that was it, the big break came. It is only then you can ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’, the sign of a victory like R.Kelly said. Then you can make the best of any situation that comes your way, just like I am doing.

Let me quickly share this snippet, when was registering for my NYSC I didnt chose Rivers state so I was scared when I saw myself posted there, along the line I prayed for a green light, seeing that I don’t have any link in the state and when my PPA came, to my surprise it was PortHacourt a place where every other person wanted or worked out, it was then I relaxed and told God; ‘keep on!’

I am rest assured the clay is loosening and I’m surely bring out gold out the mud, my question is are you?

Drop forget to share, drop your views and comments. CHEERS🥂 and REFLECT💭



  1. There is always this biblical saying that tears may tarry till night but joy comes in the morning. Why does joy not come first?.Most times that God’s programming. It is different from men’s programming but how many can wait for the morning of joy. It takes grace and I pray for you as you are waiting for yours, it will SURELY COME IN JESUS NAME. Amen


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