So I was reading a book somestime ago and the line above struck me. I got thinking what really is this ‘Date’, by now you know that I don’t mean calendar date but the event called ‘Date’.

The word ‘Date’ has been so much over emphasized and misused over time, the general meaning many have ascribed to it has changed the real concept behind it. That is two or more people setting a place and time to meet,talk and chill.
I’m sure you’re as surprised as I was that it could actually involve more than 2 people and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about love or those mushy stuffs they do dates. Now we know that dating is more, permit me to say it is a series event that help you know each other better (if it’s just you two).

Let’s draw some points on dating.
• Why should I date?
• When should I start?
Why should I date?
It’s not actually compulsory, but if you want to know somethings about that fine boo or that le boo,then it starts here,you’ll really need to crawl or run out of your shell, sharing a part of you too in the process won’t hurt.
When should I start?
This a very much frequently asked question by teenagers. Some parents actually speculate the age/time for theirs kids to do it. It just all depends on maturity, not just on age because we have absolutely have different ages of maturity ranging from 8 -13 for female gender and 13 -18 for the male. Knowledge a d exposure amongst other things too add up.

So for one to say he/she is fully set to date, many things must have been put in place some of which include;
• Knowing the bad sides to dating before going into it. If truly your aware of the go- wrongs and how to handle those emotional moments when the pressure to indulge in sex has mounted to it’s peak, then you’re on your way to maturity in dating.
• As well knowing the benefits, one of which is boosting your confidence and self worth by interacting with someone of the opposite sex. Getting to meet someone new and knowing cogent things about them has a way of making you feel part of their lives because at some points you both share those sacred memories, remember some good times of your childhood and tell your most hideous secrets. Yeah you do all that

To wrap this up, the physical attachment part is what usually surfaces earlier than you can say ‘Jack Robbinson’ and this is be cause you’re seeing the person up closer, you probably get to smell each other’s perfumes as a result of the closeness and the often number of time you go out, before you know it Gbam! ‘The kiss’ and if not cautioned every other inappropriateness follow.

Remember this,as Christians the whole point of dating is to get to know each other better,your belief, connect in spirit,soul and not in body.
102 coming up soon, do have fun checking out other sections.


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