In sheer woe I lament,
How in simple assent,
Depression creeps in like serpent,
And the soul it makes its home as a garment,
Confusing! Killing! Devil’s agent,

Kudos! You invaded our land again in times, recent,
With you, you took Richard in addition to Vincent,

Your wings have grown, no respect for the decent,
Sarah is not your prey, she belongs to the ancient,
Ancient of days, the giver of life without a parent,

Hello depression, I am a student,
I reside away from home and I pay rent,
With my garri, I smile to bed, shame on you devil-sent,
For suicide is doom, eternal sinking scent,
I know it is you who dwell in the soul, sorrow to invent,
But your end has come now, you with your evil intent,
For the son of man is rising in hope, rot till forever extent,
Rejoice, my soul, for you are free from the soul’s torment.



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