Tola was furious when he discovered that granny didn’t eat the rice he spent so much time cooking, but rather she was eating Toba’s, so he rushed in and rudely asked her, then she asked him a simple question, “Can you eat it too?, if yes, then by all means eat, but if not,why?”. ..pause!

Yaaay! I’m excited, welcome back!, hope you’re doing great?. How’re you enjoying the second half of 2019?, if you’re like me, mehnnn it’s been awesome.
I’ll be sharing with us something that came straight at me (lol) during bible study sometimes last week.
I know you all might be wondering, why am I suddenly swerving to christian-like posts, well I’ll just say that’s how it came and I’m super grateful to God for this privilege..join me.!(*winks)

The prologue is my way of picturing the early verses of Gen 4, how Abel’s sacrifice was more favoured than Cain’s, and he later out of jealousy ended up killing his brother. He failed to recognise the ingredients that made Abel’s offering more respectable than his, God warned him but he chose to allow sin get the best of him and instead of man responding the right way and ruling over sin, at that very point he allowed sin subdue him.

Scripture says in Phil.4.8 – Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

New International Version (NIV) puts Phil 4:8 in better terms;
• Noble 
• Right
• Pure
• Lovely 
• Admirable 
• Excellent/Praiseworthy 

What is true?
This word in all its contexts portray originality. It is the ability to stand up to a question of who polluted the air in the midst of your classmates and say ‘Yes!, I actually farted, and everyone would just laugh, when the local man(lol) would have ducked and said no it wasn’t me.
Truth is a state of being ideal, that no matter what anyone thinks I am for this, i can’t change me for anyone.
Hmmmnn, how i wish Cain said those words, who knows?, there is is so much power in the truth, it is a life changing moment when one determines never to say anything other than the truth no matter what. You can just try it, after all it doesn’t kill to say the truth.

What is noble?
In all its forms of usage, this shows royalty and humility in one mix. We hear of the Duke and Duchess, how Megan wore a simple yet beautiful gown for her wedding and all that, despite their wealth and gallant status. I wonder why many of us with humble beginnings begin to attract too much attention than what we are, it’s good to aim high, do great stuffs yeah yeah, but keep it cool, let your Success announce you not the other way round.
Let’s borrow a leaf from Jesus, despite the fact that he knows how much he’s worth to God and his place in heaven, he humbled and subjected himself to death on the cross. What a sacrifice!

What is right?
Really what is?, there’s a common saying that when we grow up, we immediately know right from wrong, but it’s so pathetic that we still don’t know. Many times we’re at that decision junction, confused about which is right or wrong, so let me put it this way, whatever is right brings peace, not necessarily convenience but rest of mind.
So when you do something and your heart is glad(that gut feeling that assures) despite the fact that it took some part of your time, money whatever, it is most probably right. Doing the right thing even when no one is looking is a means of finding a common ground in an effort be a peacemaker.

What is pure?
Without spots, blemish or wrinkle, just like the scripture says in 2Pet.3.14 – Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.
Purity of heart, mind, thoughts, body and soul from all forms of stains; lust of the flesh, lusts of the eye, pride of life. These things are not of God but of the world, and they just have to go.

Be ye holy for I am holy – 1Pet 1:16b

What is Lovely?
Hmnnn, love-ly..Love in process, pleasing, attractive, grand, of the best kind..that song says Love love love, this love has captured me o, love, love, love messiah’s love (P.Zak)
Are you ever awesome or nice to meet?, it’s one thing to say and another to be. One has to know what love is and really understand all about it. And guess what? God is love, so knowing him encapsulates all that is lovely, it’s like meeting a new friend, going out frequently with each other, before you know you, you begin to know so much about each other which in this case is knowing all God wants and giving him in return, isn’t that lovely?

What is Admirable ?
Of all of Papa Jesse’s handsome and Rudy sons in the Scriptures, only David was highly esteemed by God.

Just like Daniel and the 3 Hebrews were in Dan 1:20, no other one like them,they were 10 times better, now tell me who wouldn’t want all that package?.
How much are you worth in gold, I know for sure that I am PRICELESS! are you. The way you see yourself is the way others will, so change your appearance so you can be applaudable. Not just the physical, it also boils down to the spiritual (o se koko), when the outside is blazing hot and the inside is freezing cold, how’s that even possible?, so fuel your fire, ask God to help you and I trust he will.

What is Excellent/Praiseworthy?
Our lives must command the respect and of any other person out there as well as glorify the Father. Excellence simply means always taking the high road and living a life that stands out. You have to be ready to give an impressive performance in whatever you do, and if you don’t, that should ginger you to get better, one is most important never settle for less.

When your devote your time daily to knowing him in his word and by the spirit of God, you’ll begin to develop his traits and so you’ll know what he likes and what to serve to him that will be sweet smelling to him.

Daily as I live often as I breathe, let my whole life be expression of your grace.

Phew!..I hope the long post was worth it.
I pray the holy spirit interpretes this better in your heart and that it blesses you.

Reflect!. Cheers!!!




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