Beautiful as the stars of the blue sky,
Your heart of gold that I love to spy,
The bond we share can no man try,
How I long for you and I can only cry,

My feeble heart sings of your love, my Prince,
Dear me! That charming touch has stuck to my soul, since,
Memories of our date and game, I recall with my niece,
To you I will my all, just rub your magical incense on every piece,

In your dark moments, please let me shine as your light,
Where two hearts are made one, shall we triumph, in no plight,
This love that I find in you is faultless, this is right,
For your path appeals to me, shining on my purpose lane so bright,

Hold my hands and give me your heart,
Let me be the tender hair under your hat,
Run behind my back, let us play tennis with your bat,
And you shall sing me to bed, a sleep on Granny’s mat,

I hope you know, beyond words, to you I shall stick,
My head aches, my eyes hurt, yea! I am lovesick,
This tale of love of mine, is no hide and seek,
I love you handsome, can we meet again next week?



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