“Alamu, Alamu, husband of my prime, my crown”,
I stare in tears at your smile with a frown,
You left our home so early, leaving me with our dog, brown,
I feel empty and blank, I only trust not to drown,

Why are you not here to watch your children grow?
You remember our dates and how our pillows we throw?
Nights of fantasies and love making till the cock will crow?
I miss you and I can only say to my tears, please flow

Adieu! Prince Charming,
Though your vision and passion for farming,
Was buried in the forever world, so alarming,
Listen in heaven, junior, your son will pass his exams without cramming,

I shall adore our love till eternity, even our vow,
The grave shall release you to me soon, though l know not, how,
Pray me strength that I may, to no challenge, bow,
But can l ever heal up now that I feel like a betrayed cow?



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